Brian's Photo Gallery

Last updated on July 12, 2009

Brian hugging Elmo Brian hugging his Elmo at his 2nd birthday party

Brian hugging Elmo Brian in his 2nd birthday hat

Brian portrait picture Portrait picture of Brian at his 2nd birthday

Brian having height measured Brian is having his height measured. Almost 3 feet!

Brian and Ben Brian with his cousin Benjamin

Brian and Dad Brian reading paper with Rob

Brian and Mom Brian in his room with April

Brian portrait picture Brian's 27 month portrait picture

Brian Halloween Costume Brian's 2006 Halloween Costume. I'm Cookie Monster!

Brian on slide Brian loves the playground equipment at the park

Brian with Mom Brian playing train with Grandma Getty

Brian Rob and Dad Grandpa Getty, Brian, and Rob going out for a walk

Brian eating lunch Brian's bib says it all

Brian and Grandpa working Brian is showing Grandpa Getty how to look for leaks

Brian Easter picture Brian's Easter picture

brian on grammy Brian getting a horse ride from Grandma Wheeler

brian and a mess What mess??

brian playing hopscotch Brian playing hopscotch

brian and grandpa getty Brian watching Grandpa Getty open birthday presents

brian on the slide Brian now has 2 parks with slides to play at

brian playing basketball Brian loves the basketball hoop at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

brian in sandbox Brian playing in the sandbox with Grandpa Getty

brian drawing picture Brian is starting to make many fine works of art!

brian on the floor Brian with Leona from PBS's Between the Lions

brian with a train Brian has really enjoyed playing with trains

toys r us picture Brian and Rob at Toys R Us for Brian's 3rd birthday

brian with grammy Brian with Grandma Wheeler

brian birthday Brian at his 3rd birthday party

brian and daddy at fair Brian and daddy on the train at the county fair

brian and daddy Brian and Rob, Halloween 2007

brian halloween Brian in his Halloween costume

brian in new house Brian in the new house

Brian with his toy train Brian playing with his wooden train set

brian on his trike Brian can ride his tricycle in our basement

brian in a train shirt Brian showing off his train shirt

brian at Smithsonian Brian and Daddy went to the Air and Space museum

brian driving Brian is ready to drive Aunt Laura's car!

brian paintingr Brian has graduated from crayons to painting!

brian skating Brian is learning to roller skate!

brian baking Brian helping Mommy with decorating brownies

Brian and Aunt Pat Brian playing checkers with Aunt Pat

brian bowling Brian is getting to be a great bowler

Brian at the gym Brian at a pre-school classmate's birthday party

decorating the tree Brian and Mommy decorating the Christmas tree

Brian and Ben Brian and cousin Ben in a Cessna at the Air and Space Annex

Brian Fire truck Brian in a firetruck at a local home show

Brian and Nana Brian and Nana during a visit to North Carolina

Brian and flag Brian leading everyone in the pledge of alliegence

Brian Brian at his Preschool Graduation

Brian and hotwheel Brian loves his new Hot Wheel!

Brian Driving Brian 'driving' a truck at King's Dominion

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