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Last updated on July 12, 2009

Rob put together an exhibit of 1872 coins for a national coin show in Baltimore in August, placing 3rd out of 12 entries in his category.

Coin display The first of the 3 cases Rob exhibited

Rob directed the Charlottesville Open again this year. He is a board member of the Virginia Chess Federation.

Rob has been collecting 1872 dated coins for a while. (Going back 100 years from his date of birth. Here are some links to his 1872 registry sets on the PCGS website.

Rob's 1872 Proof Set

Rob's 1872 Mint Set

Rob has also been working on a complete US Type Set (Having an example of every type of coin.)

Here are some examples of early US coins.

Chain Cent Obverse A 1793 Chain Cent, our 1st official coin

Chain Cent Reverse You can just barely see the chain on the back

Flowing Hair Half Obverse A 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar

Flowing Hair Half Reverse

Dollar Obverse A 1799 Bust Dollar

Dollar Reverse

Bust Quarter Obverse A 1806 Bust Quarter

Bust QUarter Reverse

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